Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Murphy's morning...

This morning has been what I would like to refer to as a Murphy's morning. If it can go wrong, it will:

1) I started out the morning feeling nauseated and having abd pain (which has been off and on for 2 1/2 wks and my doc wont listen to me)

2) Im going into work on my day off to cover for a fellow co-worker on bereavement.

3) I start my morning out in the triage medic spot, not so bad until the triage nurse computer starts acting up and pt are getting backed up and start to get cranky with me, since Im the only they can get to.

4) Then the baby scale in triage stops working, continuing the delay until someone can come in and simply change the batteries in it.

5) Then, I start feel better and think a nice hot cup of coffee would be really nice, I walk in the back since we finally got the pts checked in and even in beds and knock the whole damn cup over in the ER breakroom, spilling scalding hot coffee down the fron of my shirt and pants and all over the floor. I think I may have a slight burn on my stomach, a sore red area anyways, but I'll live.

6) Both of my partners are out on calls in the two trucks we have in service (our first due truck has been in the shop for almost a month) when my boss calls and says since the altenator is acting up in the 2nd due truck (again...its on its 5th or 6th one) to drop it off at the shop this morning and double up in the 3rd due truck while they replace the altenator.

I guess I really can understand about when it rains it pours.

Now I am nauseated again, and still caffiene deprived....this is going to be a long 8 hour shift......

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