Monday, November 9, 2009

When do you know you have had too much to drink?

When your friends have to literally drag you home, your teacher from school sees this, calls 911, the fire department and paramedic shows up to carry your unconscious body down a flight of stairs to the ambulance, takes you to the hosiptal where you end up intubated....thats right, intubated because you didn't know when to stop.

And since you are only 17 they have called the helicopter to come get you to transfer you to a facility who can care for a "pediatric" pt on a vent....

This guy walkd into the ER today looking for his clothes from last week, he turned out alright....hopefully he learned his lesson!

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Anonymous said...

Been there done that to many times...Worked for years in a small town with two liberal arts colleges. One was a "dry campus" yeah...right..We were pretty much "required" to transport even if they were capable of managing themsleves by security. Thr hospital hated it when we showed up with a "drunk" especially full of voit etc. Was asked more then once by a bitchy RN "Why didn't you clean them up first?" I told one particular "Paramedics are Ambulance Drivers" RN to show mew where the damn shower was in my truck! What happened to sleeping it off?