Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soldier penpal updates

I have been doing really well on sending packages to my penpal and my friend overseas. Nolan is my adoptee and Chas is a friend from back home. I have had so much fun preparing packages for them over the last few months. I was so excited about my Christmas boxes. I decorated the inside of the boxes with wrapping paper and filled them with holiday treats like sugar cookies, gingerbread men, candy canes, those little chocolate coins, M&Ms, tinsel, and about a dozen hand-made Christmas cards. My roommate and I spent hours hand making Christmas cards that we decided to send to a few soildiers who may not get anything for the holidays to remind them that they are being though of and are GREATLY appreciated for their sacrifice for our freedom.
I still have not heard back from Nolan, but I know they can be busy. Chas on the other hand has been fantastic about shooting me a quick message a Myspace everytime he receives a letter or package from me to let me know it got there. :) Chas made it home last week for a 2 week leave. He mentioned he may make it in my general direction to visit family and might try to swing a visit to me in. I would be DELIGHTED!!

Again, anyone who wants to help support out troops one soldier at a time, let me know and Id be glad to help out!!

I am looking forward to my "january" box, I have gotten into the trend of decorating the boxes for the next holiday, so January's box theme will be Valentines day, can you say lots of red and pink hearts and those little candy hearts? LOL Im told chocolate doesnt fair real well over there due to the heat.

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