Thursday, February 25, 2010

education oppotunity

This week i am attending the ESCAPe conference in Pipestem, WV. It involves taking several short EMS related classes during the day and socializing in the evenings, and so far I'm having a blast. I've taken some good classes so far and some good ones to come I hope. I've been running into old friends and making new ones. God I miss WV!! Today I took 4 classes: therapuetic electrocution, a new look on pacing (and was warned that the ACLS police may arrest us if we try what we learned), a refresher on diabetic patients, a refresher on spinal motion restriction, and an indepth look at pediatric fevers. Classes run 9-5, socializing starts around 7 or 8....hotel is 20 min from conference center and it's been snowing all day....there is a winter weather watch in effect til Sunday and they are calling for up to 24 inches of snow....ugh!!! I REALLY hate snow....

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