Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank you Veterans!

What does Veterans Day mean to me?

That's the question I kept asking myself while writing this post. I know this day is to honor ALL veterans of all branches of the military.

I am currently dating a veteran, he served as an MP in the US Army in several places including Bosnia, Italy, and Fort Myer in Washington, DC. I have a close friend from high school currently serving in the Army. I have an ex-boyfriend who served in Iraq as an Army Reserve Medic. I have several friends who have served and are still serving in the Army, USAF, Navy, Air Guard, and Reserves. Both my father and my grandfather served in the military, my father resigned as a MSgt. in the United States Air Force. I have several childhood memories that take place on an Air Force base.

So again, what does Veterans Day mean to me? It means respect and honor and remembrance of people I love and care about and those who served with them, before them, and after them and those still serving today.

So please take the time and thank a veteran, thank them for the sacrifices they made for the freedoms you and I have today, cause THAT is what Veterans Day means to me.

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