Tuesday, October 6, 2009

just another night at the looney bin...

Its been a while since I have written and for that I apologize. I have not been seeing a lot of calls thanks due to night shift, but most of what I do get are legit ALS calls, car wrecks with drunks and people not bothering the 2 seconds and minor inconvience of a seatbelt and now with the weather turning getting some more respiratory pt. I did have an interesting call last night.

Dispatched priority one for a female c/o neck pain and slurred speech, possible ETOH on board, PD being dispatched.

I arrive right behind the BLS ambulance. EMT1 (a new medic student) and his partner EMT2 get out and #1 starts walking towards the apartment complex empty handed...no bag, no stretcher, nada but #2 and I decided to at least take the cot in...I look at #1 with a quizzical look, he says, "Its Joan*, trust me just leave your bag in your truck, she is staying here now instead of xyz street" (I have never had an encounter with Joan, but I later learned Im one of the few fortunate) We stand outside in the cold ringing the buzzer for the apt she is staying in with no answer. After a few minutes we radio dispatch who call back to the apt and we finally get buzzed in. We walk up to the apartment and Joan answers the door, looks at #1 and says, "I didnt ask for no damn stretcher, I just wanted to someone to check out my neck, I'm glad its you at least" and has this look in her eye.... Long story short, Joan was burnt a long time ago and has a scar on her neck and it had gotten dry from the dry air and it had started cracking and bleeding a little. She had no desire to go to the hospital, especially after asking who the doctor was, and when told who it was her response was "then HELL NO I definitly dont want to go"....meanwhile PD finally showed up and #2 and I had to hold our girly giggles as Joan crooned over #1 and then the young policeman who showed up. Did I mention this was all at 4AM???

I swear I love my job!!

*name changed for obvious reasons....

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Med.VBplyer said...

Hah that is great you love your job. My sister is a paramedic in North Carolina and she always tells me about the rough and good times. Anyways good luck to you! I will be following your blog! Take Care