Wednesday, October 7, 2009

S.A.L.T. (the newest addition to our intubation kit)

Where I work fulltime I have the priledge of having a boss who is willing to give any of the new products a once over at least. We have had the opportunity to "play" with quite a few different items that he got a free sample of or that one of my fellow medics picked up at the last conference they went to. If something is introduced and it seems to catch more than only a few eyes, particulary those of our older medics, then we usually end up purchasing, if budget allows. (The only exception is out Zoll monitors....most of the medics I work with here aren't huge fans, yet we have 6 Zoll monitors....)

Anywho, these new SALT airway devices were introduced to us a few months ago and I guess there was enough interest piqued that we now officially have these in our airway kits and in stock. They are pretty nifty...we used them on "fred" in several positions....laying, seated, taped to the bottom of a table....and the results were amazing, even our medical director suggested we purchase these after he got his hands on one. We now keep them as a "backup" airway. So anyways, here is just one link to look at, trust me its worth the few minutes it may take!

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im the training coordinator at a large wisconsin orivate ambulance. We are looking into putting these into service. Im just wondering if anyone has had any problems with them. Thanks for the info.

WVmedicgirl said...

Dear Anonoymous,
We keep these as a back up rescue airway along with a King airway and a bougie....I have actually only got to use this in the field once myself, but had positive results. I work in a hospital based system, and it turns out our respiratory department is not familiar with these which can make the change over at the hospital a bit difficult, feel free to email me with anymore questions!