Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Trauma" gets DNR

SAN FRANCISCO — NBC's "Trauma", the freshman paramedic drama that stirred up controversy in the EMS industry over its less-than-accurate representation of the profession, has been cancelled by the network. The show will complete its 13-episode run, but will cease production after that.

The show, which was reportedly one of NBC's priciest new series, failed to capture an audience — either with the mainstream public or the EMS community. Monday’s episode of "Trauma" drew just 5.8 million total viewers.

Unlike the beloved "Emergency!", the seminal EMS drama from the 1970's, many in the EMS community felt the show did a disservice to EMS professionals by highlighting lurid and sensational — as well as medically questionable — scenarios, including ambulance sex and drunk driving.

The depiction drew immediate criticism from EMS leadership, with both NAEMT and IAFC’s EMS Section firing off letters to the producers of the show protesting the creative direction.

In his letter, the IAFC's EMS Section chair Gary Ludwig called the show "an injustice to the many professionals who work in emergency medical services," before adding, "I would ask that either the show be cancelled or modified to accurately portray the sacrifice of those who perform emergency medical services to comfort and treat those who have suffered a serious trauma or illness."

The show will be replaced by "Chuck" in NBC’s Monday night lineup.

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Med.VBplyer said...

I would have to agree that the show really didn't catch my attention. I watched a few episodes but giving each one a chance but it just didn't cut it.