Monday, July 20, 2009

big milestone

ok, I feel like I have diarrhea of the keyboard today....

But, I wanted to share what I feel like is a big milestone in my paramedic adventures.

This past weekend while putting in some time at my volunteer station in WV I was officailly "blessed" as a Paramedic Preceptor. I have officially been a paramedic long enough and put in enough time to guide and observe new paramedics, whether they are fresh out of school or just new to our station. It's weird. I still feel like I just finished precepting myself. At work, there is no program or determing who can or can not precept the paramedic students, so I have had one or two there, but tend to encourage them to ride shotgun with my more experienced counterparts.

My first preceptee at my vollie station was a guy who is new to our department but who has been a paramedic for as long as I have been alive...again, weird.

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