Monday, July 20, 2009

Triple OD

I made my way down to WV for a couple days last week to work and volunteer at my old station. I was reminded just how much I love volunteering, I haven't been able to go back down there nearly as much as I would like, but it feels great to finally be paying off some bills with the extra money from all my part time jobs....

I was on my way from work around 8pm to my station where I would be spending the night. I happen to have my pager on and heard the familiar tones for my home station for a possible OD, two pts, ages 8 and 5. WTF? I picked up my speed a bit as the call was maybe 3 miles from where I was and I knew Id pass the house before the ambulance got there. I parked my car across the street from the multiple police cruisers and the chase car paramedic vehicle. Inside there is a woman in her late twenties and two kids sitting in the living room. The kids look scared with all of these strangers walking into the house and mom is crying hysterically.

The story from mom went a little like this: She got her Xanax script filled 2 days. She was having a rough day and needed a nap so around 2p she took 12 (yes twelve) Xanaxk and procedded to take her nap. At 7:30pmish her live-in boyfriend woke her saying that her children had gotten into her Xanax, so she called 911 for the kids. The older child admitted she and the younger one took one of mommy's pills. When asked if she took it on her own to see what it was like or if Mommy gave it to her she stated she took it while Mommy was sleeping and then coerced her little brother into taking one too. The pill numbers just weren't adding up though. The original prexcription was for one pill every 8 hours PRN, with a total of 90 pills in the bottle, there were only 28 pills in the bottle that was filled 2 days ago. Then mom states she gave 20 to her aunt who couldnt get her prescription filled til the end of the about hinky.

The kids were walked out to one Medic unit to be transported to the local hospital while Mom tried to refuse treatment. It took 2 police officers and 3 medics to get her to understand according to our protocols she didn't have the choice to refuse. We felt that she had put both herself and the children in danger by admitting to excessive drug intake even though she continually denied being suicidal. She finally gave in willingly and walked out to the 2nd Medic unit to be transported to the hospital. Meanwhile the police sarched the house and found a 2nd bottle (empty) of Xanax filled 2 days prior to the 1st bottle we found (which means only 4 days ago) and they also found cocaine in the bedroom, and a huge bong behind the couch, and there were several beer and liquor containers strewn throughout the house. Oh yea, there was a .22 and .45 in the bedroom as well. Glad I was POV, I was off the hook for that call since both units were staffed with Medics.

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