Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PennDOT saga continues...

So I rushed out of work on Monday evening to get to the car insurance/car title and registration place before they closed. I made it with about 10 min to spare. I had all of my paperwork readily available for them, I was prepared for anything....or so I thought. As I handed over the current (expired) registration for my vehicle the woman got this look on her face, you know that one where she is about to tell me my puppy died....and tells me that I will have a problem. The problem is that both my name and my father's name appear on my title and registration with the word "or". The problem is 1) in PA it has to say "and" not "or" and 2) if the car title has two names linked with "and" both people must have PA drivers licenses and be present to handle the paperwork. My father lives approx 400 miles away, in WV.
See my problem yet?
So the insurance lady took enough information to give me a quote for insurance but advised I hold off on anything else and gave me the 1-800 number to PennDOT. As I type this I am on hold with PennDot, listening to some pretty crappy, repetitive music and announcement that advise all representatives are busy and reminding me to stay on the line....in case I forget.

More to come when (if) I get through this phone call before I have to register another patient or go on another call.....

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