Friday, July 3, 2009

PennDOT saga

So I noticed two semi-important car details this week that needed to be taken care of sooner than later.
The first was that my WV inspection was dead as of midnight June 30, 2009. I had not realized just how soon this was approaching. The law in PA is that within 60 days of moving into the state you are supposed to switch your license, tags and registration to PA. I took this law as "as long as my WV stuff is current no one will even notice..." Well, I realized on June 30th that my inspection would be dying. I could not renew it in WV due to me not living there.
The second was that my WV license plates would be expiring soon (I thought July 31st....turns out while inspections die at midnight on the last day of the month license plates expire on the FIRST).

So I got off work around 1430 the other day and thought Id swing by the PA DMV and get everything switched over, no harm no foul. Turns out the system here is MUCH different than WV where you can do everything at once. The first place I had to go was the PennDOT drivers license center with all of my neccessary paperwork (original birth certificate, social sec. card, my old license, and 2 proofs of residency that consisted of things such as utility bills or lease agreements, mind you I have only the trash in my name everything else is in my roommates name and I havent signed my new lease yet....) But I was granted a 15 day temporary PA license while they assure themselves I do not already have a PA drivers license....
In order to get my tags, title, and registration in PA I have to have a PA drivers license, proof of PA car insurance, and proof of ownership (like the title to the vehicle). (I guess the fact that I possess one out of three is not all that great) I recived notice that since I now reside in PA, my old car insurance company can not cover me because they are notlicensed in PA, only in WV. (besides my policy with them expires July 13th).
Due to the holiday weekend I can not speak directly to any PA insurance companies until Monday.
I was told it will take $12.00 and 7-14 business days to request and recieve my title from the bank that I am paying my car payments through. and then another $111.00 to get my new registration and tags.

So for the time being I am driving a car that is titled, registered, and inspected in WV, all of which are now officially expired and have a temporary PA drivers license to boot.

Heres the real dilemma....I still work part time in WV and am scheduled for an 8-10 hour shift tomorrow. (rememebr its an easy, high paying job and its holiday pay) So I am going to chance the drive and pray that I either 1) dont get pulled over or 2) if I get pulled over I know the officer and can explain my predicament to them and get by with a warning..... ugh!!

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