Thursday, July 23, 2009

blonde moment

Yesterday was a short day at work for me, an 8 hour shift, half of which was spent in 'the box'. I ran no calls, I didn't even start any IV lines for the RNs. Needless to say I was ready to go home by 1430. I was very excited that my relief was on time. I pulled in the drive and walked around the house to the back door and unlocked it to be welcomed by a cool blast of air, thank goodness for that 3rd A/C (thanks shiela!) I had exactly 45 min until I had to take my car to get inspected so that I could make it 100% legal here in PA. I changed my clothes, slipped on a comfy T-shirt and capris and freed my toes in a pair of flip-flops. I even had time to fix my hair. I grabbed my wallet and my phone and headed out the door, remembering to lock it on my way out. As soon as I closed the door I realized, "Sh*t!! My keys are on the hook next to the door inside!"
Then it dawned on me just how warm it was outside. I text my roommate, who normally gets home aorund 5 or 6, and well, of course she was going to be late. I called and cancelled my appointment for my inspection then got the bright idea of calling Roadside Assistance to come unlock my car since my spare car key was in my glove box...yea I know....what kind of genius locks their spare car key in the car? A blonde one...but glad it was there and not in the house.... RA showed up, took them 15 min to pop the lock (free of charge thanks to my car warranty) and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out and vacuuming my car while waiting for the roomie to get home and laugh at me.....

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