Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Penn DOT update #1

Ok, so I finally got a hold of a human at PennDOT and explained my situation was given a well rehearsed reply of "if the service you are using will accept proof of ID over fax or via mail then its ok" and when I asked to speak to someone above her she told me there was no one above her for me to speak to. I called back to the insurance/service center I had visited and told them PennDOTs response and was told the PennDOT woman I spoke to must not know the answer to questions and she advised I call back to PennDOT and talk to a different operator and see if I get the same answer because there was nothing the insurance company could do for me at this point other than the quote they gave me.

A second call made to PennDOT connected me to a different operator who was a bit more helpful. He told me that if both names were on the title then both parties must be present and licensed in PA. His definitive answer was that I would need to get the title in my name only, and if that meant refinancing my car then he guessed thats what Id have to do unless the bank would approve changing the title to just me.

I called my good ol' dad and he said he would run out the bank and talk with them and see if we could get just my name on the title without re-financing...

What a nightmare!!

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