Thursday, March 26, 2009

hanging out at the station

Here I am back at my volunteer station in WV for the weekend. I figured now that I am off duty and have a few days off I would take the time to visit old friends here in WV. I got the "official blessing" from my chief and I got my shiny brand new key to the drug boxes (since they updated them while I was out) and I got fresh copies of all of my alphabet soup cards and certificates of all the classes I got in while on light duty.

Well it's been almost 8 hours since I have gotten here and not a thing on the radio. I tried playing hide n seek with the police officers like I used to and could not even find them. Finally found the only one on tonight, and turns out I don't even know who it is...It's amazing the turnover in policemen here....we have lost quite a few great men and women. Well, Im off to bed as I am making the short road trip to Baltimore tomorrow with Emily for our first peek at the JEMS EMSToday exhibits I have heard about....maybe I'll even run into one of my paramedic "idols" and score an autograph in a book he wrote...hope so!!

Keep it safe!

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