Tuesday, March 31, 2009

aluminum pot poisening....

this was a new one for me.... a woman and her daughter were cooking noodles and soup in a stainless steel pot that they had had for years, while enjoying the noodles the mother got dizzy and spit her noodles out and told the daughter she wasn't feeling well and that it must have been the noodles, the daughter stopped and eating and agreed she felt ill too, therefore they agreed the pot must be aluminum and must have poisoned the soup. They both come into the ER with the poisoning pot and pace around the waiting room, sure that they are dying, asking continuously when they will be going in the back, meanwhile we have a full house in the ER... They finally get a room and the doctor goes in to talk to them and hears the story, he does a couple of tests and determines the older woman experienced some vertigo while the daughter has absolutely nothing wrong. As they were leaving the nurse goes to give the mother some meds for the dizziness and she asks what its for, when told for vertigo she states" whats that? I ain't never had that before, I ain't got no vertigo" and the nurse talks her into taking the medicine to go and a prescription but the woman refuses to take the pot back home with her....evil aluminum poisoning pot.... and these people reproduce??

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