Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family time

Hey everyone. I know it's been a while.... I just got back from almost a whole week off work (I made it 6 days away from the full time job but managed to squeeze in 36 hrs at the hometown aquad while visiting my parents.) But I am only gonna talk about my visit with family in this post.

I spent about 6 days in my hometown this past week. It was really nice to spend some quality time with my Dad and Mom. They are the only two I saw for the most part. I did manage a few hours with Mimi, Pap and Cameron listening to the final high school softball game on the radio while eating some home made stew. I also managed a trip with my parents down to the capital of the state to visit my brother and his wife and kids for my neice's 1st birthday and boy was that fun!

Here she is sitting on Pap's lap after her morning nap before lunch and the festivities. She has such a great smile. My folks treated all of us to a nice lunch at Logans Steakhouse. I got the joy of riding next to my nephew in the back of my parent's car because he wanted to ride with Doh (my mom) and Pap (my dad).

He is so photogenic. He loves having his picture taking. He was showing off his new Spiderman shades here. After lunch we headed back to the house for cake and ice cream!

Here is a picture of the cake my talented mother baked for the occasion. For those of you not familiar it is the catipillar from Baby Einstein. and below you will see the end result of the cake eating, and just how much fun Sophie had.

Needless to say by 2:30pm she was ready for her afternoon nap. Overall it was a great visit and I was so excited to share such a happy occasion with my family. I tend to miss out on these things living so far away and not being able to visit often nearly enough, especially when it comes to my niece and nephew. I love you Cricket and Bucky!

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