Saturday, May 16, 2009

granddad update

Well, I got to my hometown Tuesday afternoon to find my granddad in much worse shape than I had imagined. He left this world to be with the Lord Tuesday night. He no longer is suffering. It has been a long week. Although the reason for my homecoming along with a lot of family was sad, it was really nice to have everyone home for the first time in a year and half. I even got to meet some distant relatives. The viewing was on Friday at the church, and it was much better than I thought it owuld be. It was not a gloomy sad event, instead it was bright flowers, Glen Miller playing on the loudspeaker, and the sanctuary was filled with sunshine as God smiled down on the family of his newest son in heaven. It kind of reminded me of the welcoming home of the prodigal son story.... The funeral was wonderful today. Again it was kept upbeat for the most part and the sun shone bright all through the service and even through the graveside service, as we were getting back into our vehicles the cloudes open up as if theyhad been holding in the rain for months and it rained and rained for the last 8 hours, at some points almost monsoon like. This was a wake up call to me that even the things we think impossible are not. My grand dad was seen as indestructible by most, especially his family. Thanks to anyone who kept him and our family in your prayers. He is much better off now. Thanks again!

Tomorrow I will attend church with my family and then head back to PA for a few days then back home to have some much needed family time, especially with my father....

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EMILYYY said...

Im glad you are doing okay.. Its sometimes hard to realize the person is in a better place...and therefore you should be happy for them and from what i read you do and im glad. Just remember all the got times and know you will meet again soon!