Tuesday, May 5, 2009

catching up

So I didnt get to post about a few interesting things I have experienced in the last few weeks. I have always readily admitted to being a "green" medic, and at times have felt very unprepared or inadequate, but after the last few weeks I am finally starting to get a little bit comfortable with all the knowledge I have somehow managed to retain. As I have mentioned, I work full time as a medic in PA and vollie in WV. Well, for the last 4 weeks I have been managing 48-72 hours at a time in WV at my vollie station (yea I hate living in PA b/c I have no friends, so I keep running down to WV on my days off, thus not making new friends in PA..its a vicious cycle). I have been given a new nick name by my EMS chief....Dr. Death. I have managed to be toned out to at least one code a week for the past month, totaling around 5 only 2 I have been cancelled on. I have also had a few pts who are CTD when I show up. Last week my fire chief updated me on a stroke pt he and I had taken in...the guy lasted about a week in the hospital before having a second stroke and dying. Lats week I did a medic assist with a transport company, and although I have not heard, Im sure she has died too. I did get a neat experience out of that last one though. I had never done an IO before, and lucky for me we just got EZ IO drills not too long ago, It was crazy cool to get to do one. I am sure I mentioned some of this before, but felt like updating right now...so there ya go...sorry for the droning...

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