Sunday, May 3, 2009

life thoughts

Well, I am back up in PA after another weekend trip to WV. I honestly am not sure what to do. I love working in Gettysburg and working in a 911 system instead of the transport system I was working in before, but I am very unhappy with my living situation. Its a great apartment with a great landlord and all at a decent price, but I get so lonely and depressed on my days off work. I have no friends up here except my best friend who lives 25 miles from my apartment who works a shift opposite mine so I rarely see her, so for the last month I have been driving back to WV and crashing in the bunkroom of my home fire department, and I can honestly say I feel happier. I have been told on more than one occasion now that my friends can tell a difference in my voice and demeanor when they talk to me depending on if I am at home in my aparment or hanging out in WV. I really dont want to pack up and move again, but maybe its worth it? I honestly dont know. I do know I like living alone....the freedom to coem and go without having to worry about bothering a roomate, only having to clean up afetr myself, no drama besides whats going on inside my head, I dont have to worry about being accused of breaking or stealing or misplacing anything. I really miss being in WV though. I think I have always been a WV girl at heart, its my home. I am sure that eventually I will relocate back there, I guess when the time is right, and I absolutely love the eastern panhandle, especially my Shepherdstown.

Well, like I mentioned I am back up in PA for a few days to work, and am supposed to go to Baltimore this coming friday with some people from work....we shall see....

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