Tuesday, May 5, 2009

busy night, adopted soldier

Here I am finally getting to sit down tonight. Tonights been a pretty busy night for us here in Gburg. I finally caught up on my reports, finally got all 3 trucks checked off and fueled, and even got to eat dinner. Golly I love this job!

I recently adopted a soldier in Iraq through SoldiersAngels.com and I am pretty excited about it. They ask you to write a letter a week and send one package a month. While I was researching the legitimacy of the program I came in contact with a second soldier who I have been emailing for a few weeks. I feel honored to write these guys and send them packages in hopes that it will brighten their day, even if only for a few minutes while they put their lives on the line for me. Thats how I look at it anyways. But I am not mentioning this because I want to be told I am good person or anything like that, but so that if anyone is interested in writing them a note of gratitude or thanks Id be thrilled to add it in a goody box or a letter I am writing to them. Its one of the policies that I not give out their personal info, but please email me or message me on here and we can work together on sending something to them if you are interested!

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