Tuesday, May 12, 2009

first febrile seizure....

Work last night was not too terrible....I have 35 minutes to my relief gets here and I am ready for them. I started the night off in triage, and lets just say anytime between 0700 and 2300 is a bad time to be in triage, especially on a busy day when you have the same one or two patients constantly wondering why people are going before them, and how much longer they are going to have to wait to be seen for their stubbed toes or tooth aches....I took my triage rotation from 1830-2300 last night. The night was pretty quiet until we got called for a 15 month old baby girl having seizures and I was up in the rotation. When I got on scene the baby had stopped seizing but was HOT! Surprisingly mom didnt have her swaddled up thank goodness. As I was waiting for the BLS ambulance to show up I stripped baby down to diaper and beofre I could do anything else the ambulance crew showed up and grabbed all the equipment I had lugged up the stairs (my oxygen tank bag, my 80lb drug back and my hefty monitor...) while I carried baby down to the ambulance where I did the normal seizure stuff, blood glucose and temperature which was 101.7 rectal for me and then transported the baby to the hospital ( took it lights and sirens as needed...) I didnt bother with an IV as the baby was acting normal for her age. I turned over pt care at the hospital, the rectal temp they got was 104!
Needless to say my first pediatric seizure/febrile seizure went pretty well I thought.

Every time I have another "first" I feel more and more like a "real" paramedic....at least a more experienced one....guess thats really the only way to learn right??

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