Friday, April 24, 2009

1st code

So I just got back from the hospital after running my first code as the lead medic....and the only medic for a little bit. The code was a sad one, what felt like a wasted effort from the beginning. I mean, the pt was an end stage lung CA pt but the pt or their family decided NOT to make him a DNR. According to the nursing staff the downtime prior to CPR was <10 style="font-style: italic;"> sealed drug bag!! Thank god they always dispatch two stations on a code, when our friendly neighbors showed up I borrowed theirs...I tried to get our Med command pronounce this poor guy before we transported but apparently there is an unwritten rule...since I had put my pt on my cot and in my unit while my Med Command had me on hold...yes I said on hold....they would not pronounce the pt because we had technically left the facility. WTF? So I was told to continue my ACLS protocol and transport...10 miles to the closest I had my FF boys pumping, my fellow EMT bagging and me pushing the drugs on a pt that was not going to come back....Sometimes I just dont understand. The pt ended up down for almost an hour by time we rolled into the ER and there he was pronounced by the doctor. now he can RIP hopefully.

So as far as my very first code as the lead medic, it went ok, I didnt even break a sweat...(which I do quite often even when I dont feel pressured...) I am finally starting to feel like a paramedic...only 2 years into it, guess I'll stick it out for a while longer.

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Hometown Goddess said...

That is my biggest frusteration...DNR and End Stage Patients...I am proud of you tho girlie!