Thursday, April 16, 2009


While i love both my sisters indefinitely, it amazes me how different yet how similar we are. For as long as I can remember my older sister and I have always had a rough relationship while my younger sister and I have always been best friends and the two of them usually leave me as the odd man out. When it comes to family matters the three of us are usually good at keeping each other informed as to whats happening with each other, our significant others and of course our parents. Thats where the problems usually derive from, in particular our mother. While she is the woman who gave birth to me and gave me the beginnings of my roots (for 8 or 9 years) she has always been a better friend than a mother to me. My sisters and I all have different view points and experiences with her. While my little sister and I have not lived with her for damn near fifteen years, my older sister has only been living without her for less than a year. It has been a long road with my sisters and my mother, especially of late. I seem to be the only one even willing to communicate with her these days due to some recent life choices she has made. While I am concerned about her choices I feel that she is an adult and may choose to live her life as she see fits, while my sisters would rather dissaprove and let her know they disapprove and not communicate with her until she sees the error of her ways. Lately I have been concerned for her well being from the reports my older sister gives me since they live in Alabama while the younger sister lives in WV and I am now residing in PA. The latest report from my older sister was that my mother was last seen with a blck eye and broken glasses, claiming "fall in the yard" to one relative and just simply "a fall" to my sister. My older sibling tells me they man my mother has been cohabitating with has a history of drugs and possibly violence...and that my older sibling doesnt really give a damn and thinks my mother must reap what she sowed. I on the other hand feel my mother may have gotten herself into something she either feels 1) she cant get out of or 2) that its her only choice, that she has no where else to go and that she might in fact deserve whatever might be happening. I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I have always tried to stay nuetral when it comes to disagreements or arguments between my older sister and mother, as they are frequent and usually sound petty to me, but I refuse to choose between my mother and my sister and maybe thats why it has always been so rough between my older sister and I. I guess I will just as the Big Guy upstairs to keep an eye on her for me and help her find her way home, wherever that home is....


Anonymous said...

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WVmedicgirl said...

Thanks anonymous, I'll check it out!