Friday, April 17, 2009

code blue

Well I have been at my volunteer station for the last couple days and it has been a quiet visit, only 2 calls so far- one was a 19 yof w/ chest pain that ended with a refusal and last night we ran a code blue with a mutual aid company. It surprises me every time we run a code how it seems life a major CF...EVERYTIME!! There are always things that you think could have gone better and sometimes things that SHOULD have gone why would you not check for lung sounds after tubing someone? oh yea I forgot "I saw condensation in the tube" is a guarantee.....and that was from 2 medics already there...i guess the saying too many cooks spoil the soup can fit in here....and then instead of doing continuous compressions they want to mess aorund with the auto pulse not just once or twice but several times!! I will never understand!!! And then the looks you get from an EMT who just isnt pushing quite hard enough....especially when he's a fire chief.... But over all it went ok, hell I even learned something new about LifePaks....turns out if you are going to try and pace someone you have to have the limb leads attatched to see if its capturing...thats one to note in the memory bank....

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