Tuesday, April 7, 2009

babies and mva

Last night at work was a pretty slow night...only had 2 things to perk anyones interest.
1) while my partner was working the triage box a man runs in to tell him his wife is in labor and the baby is on the way. My partner goes out with a wheelchair (which is our protocol) to take her back to the maternity ward and walks out to find the woman laying in the backseat of an SUV legs up and the baby's head is crowning. He comes in looking for a hand and a stretcher to go outside, so I jump up and take the stretcher out. As I am rounding the back of the SUV with the stretcher I hear a baby crying and look in the car to see mom holding a tiny, slimy, blue baby inbetween her legs. I turn around to find my partner, an OB midwife, and 3 OB nurses rushing in with warm blankets and gloves and OB kits...just a few minutes late.... Poor Dad is standing there with a look of relief on his face but also kind of "what should i do know" look. I tell him to get in and turn the heat up, he looked relieved to help in some way. Checked in on the baby before leaving this morning and while they dont have a nursery here (the baby stays in Moms room) the nurse said while the baby was initially cold and bluish, she (yes it was a babay girl) was doing great.
2) I was taking my turn in "the box" (the triage area) and there was about an hour left in the shift and my cohorts get paged for an MVC- tractor trailer vs car. Not sure what the extent of injury was, but I know they said it was a heavy pin job and the helicopter beat our chase car with the medic on it....

snow in the forcast tonight so we shall see...its only been as high as 40 today.

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