Tuesday, April 21, 2009

was a pretty slow night here in Gburg. I think we had a total of 3 ALS calls...one for each us.

My relief is supposed to come in an hour early because he needs off an hour early tonight so he asked if I would relieve him an hour early tonight, ought to be fun since today is Skills day for my job...ALL DAY! Good thing my bossman is so understanding, he says us night owls can show up for as long as we can and duck out when needed and we sill still get paid for and receive 7 hours CE credits...sweetness!

I still have 25 min left on my shift...nothing new really going on, finally got convinced to start the Twilight book series and I'll be damned if Im not hooked....havent even finished the 1st book, have been reading it all night, cant seem to pry my fingers from it long enough except to run a call or do a favor for one of the RNs or doctors....speaking of which, my fingers are itching for the next page already...gtg!

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